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    Product General Information


    It is made from low-temperature thermoplastic materials for the construction of hand splints/orthoses. It replaces traditional casting and splinting which is labor and cost-intensive.


    Mechanism of Action: This product has thermoplastic memory properties. The softened and shaped splint will re-harden at room temperature to form a load and play a fixed role. The product fastening device is designed to be adjustable, in the process of changes in the wound swelling of the injured limb. Adjustment of the tightness of the fixation can ensure the fixation effect and improve the comfort to the patient.


    Main Component: This product consists of thermoplastic plates, fastening devices, buckles, etc.


    1.     This product is made of a polymer material and is extremely lightweight.

    2.     The installation process is simple. In the course of changes in the swelling of the affected limb, adjustment of the tightness of the fixation can solve the problem of "too loose" or "too tight” caused by changes in the condition of the injury.

    3.     Detachable splint is provided for wound care and good ventilation.

    4.     The material of the product has non-absorbent properties, then the patient can wear the splint for bathing, and the splint naturally dries quickly.

    5.     Improvements in the skin hygiene of affected limbs can prevent pruritus and reduce the incidence of dermatitis and infection.

    IndicationsFracture, tendon injury

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